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Happy 12 year anniversary RMG! This day in history... 2008 @RoverRadio started on @wmms #maxwellshow it’s been one hell of a ride! #grateful #rmg #radio #wmms #anniversary #rover

Good morning... my daughter just woke up and said “mom you’re going to get it today” - it’s April Fool’s Day craaap! Any good ideas on what I can do to her?

Has anyone played Jackbox? The dance moms want to play and we’re trying to figure it out.. @jackboxgames #IsolationLife #CoronaLockdown

Staff did Show-and-Tell on the Friday Leftovers today since we're all sheltering in place. I pulled out this Commander Riker uniform actually worn by @jonathansfrakes in The Next Generation in season 7! #startrek #totaldork

I wish @hallmarkchannel would help us out by continually playing Christmas movies! That weekend sample wasn’t enough! Bring back Christmas to get us thru #isolation #CoronavirusLockdown #hallmark 🦠🎄🎅🥰🙏🏼

I appreciate the thought, but I don’t need an email from literally EVERY company I’ve ever done business with telling me “we’re here for you during COVID-19.” Who will I hear from next...Geocities?

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