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Called in the cavalry to take boxes full of Cuck Cook orders (we were on way to post office). I predict a couple boxes will fall off the back of the truck right into the hands of Angelo and Vito!

Watch out on I-77 where they’re resurfacing. The “bump” between old and new surfaces just caused a blowout on the Tesla!

I feel like I’m in the minority by staying in and not seeing friends and family... and I’m... Slowly. Losing. My. Mind.
How are you guys holding up? #IsolationLife #4thgrade #COVID19 #memorialdayweekend2020

40% off with FREE Shipping this weekend only!
Jeffrey's Cuck Cook cookbook is really for die-hard fans - there are a lot of inside jokes that will only make sense if you've been listening for years. Bon appétit!

This weekend only - just in time for Memorial Day BBQ's, get Jeffrey's Cuck Cook at 40% off with FREE SHIPPING!

I just left after 9 hours live on Friday Leftovers!! The guys are still drinking and going strong and it’s about to get Freaky!! #rmg #leftovers #rmgplus

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