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Remember back in the day when Windows would give the Blue Screen of Death a few times per week? Now it’s so rare I just had to tweet it.

Giant Papier-Mâché Jeffrey spotted for the first time since RoverFest 2012. Rumor has it he’s in the running for a management position at the fence company.

Having trouble listening to the WJLR-BM free weekend? You probably have an outdated app version. Delete and install the latest version.

Listen to WJLR-BM free with the RoverRadio app all weekend long, and pick up the limited-edition t-shirt (available this weekend only)! Jeffrey's parody station may not be the ratings leader...but it's definitely Number 2!

Called in the cavalry to take boxes full of Cuck Cook orders (we were on way to post office). I predict a couple boxes will fall off the back of the truck right into the hands of Angelo and Vito!

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