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Ladies only…sign up to be on The Thursday Hook-Up. Come into the studio, talk to guys on the phone, then pick one to take out on a date…and Rover will pay for the entire thing!

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CHARLIE'S WHITE CLAW BAR CRAWL ROUND 2!!! Come hang out Saturday July 20th, we will be in the Kamm's Corner / West Park area. We are starting at Red Lantern at 7. More info here

Grand Rapids: Swing by and say hi to the show TONIGHT at 6 PM at Garage Bar, 819 Ottawa Ave NW. Buy Jeffrey a purple hooter!

Smelling some shenanigans on the new @iHeartRadio Top 100 Podcast chart. We're #4 on Radio podcasts, Elvis Duran is #9. On the Top 100 (all podcasts), Elvis Duran is #9 and we're...absent. Hmmm #audit

Anyone else watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation right now? My kind of Saturday night! Only 6 months until Christmas 🎄🎅❤️ #Christmas #halfwayinto2019

Youngstown, OH: Come meet the show tonight at 8 PM at Suzie's Dogs and Drafts at 34 N. Phelps Street downtown Youngstown. Slurp down Washington Apples with Jeffrey and ask him about about the last time he ate a foot-long!

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