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Hey there, do us a favor and help us check our web server. 1) hit up the site right now. And 2) while you're there (if you're a Plus member) make sure your Shipping and Billing addresses are correct before the pre-sale

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Hey @RMGJLR, I didn’t know you opened up a hotel in Florida

Anyone else watching this? I’m 2 hours in and it’s been awesome!! #RoyalWedding2018

And the winner is...... Gianna with the chocolate dessert pizza! Perfect score 10 out of 10! The sno-caps made it perfect! My taco pizza was meh

I promised Gianna I would stop doing #RoverFestX stuff and do something fun. So we’re having a pizza bake-off contest.. it’s in the oven #standby

Eddie liked the windy walk today. #chewbacca #dogslife https://t.co/Tysk6I7v6B

We are doing site maintenance on website. Please be patient...will be down this weekend more than MEWL!

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