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I should find out tomorrow if I need lung surgery. I don’t want lung surgery. Wish me luck.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Hopefully see you down on West 6th later! We start @DiveBarCle and some of us will do the @HermesCleveland 5k and some will drink! See you soon ☘️🍺🏃‍♀️☘️🍺🏃‍♀️😘😘 9am xo

If I don’t make it out this hospital alive please put “jumped over 2 chairs one time” on my headstone. Thanks. Love you guys. Thanks for the support.

Just got a notice from a collection agency that claims I owe $174 to TWC/@GetSpectrum. Spectrum says it's from December 2005! I had an account at that address for 14 years. They never put it on a bill? Nevermind my two current Spectrum accounts? Good luck...

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