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Uh oh you’re going to miss @bertkreischer @Hilarities if you don’t get your tickets now! Everything sold out except the 2nd show this Thursday! Hurry up! He will sell out! Can’t wait until #RoverFestX @RoverRadio #5daystogo

Last chance to win Roverfest X tickets. I'm giving away 25 pairs of tickets today at the MetroPCS in North Olmsted located at 23136 Lorain Road. I'll be there from 2-4. Don't miss out!

Gianna woke up this morning and asked when she can go to my work to get @DippinDots well 1 week from today she’ll be happy! 1! Week! @RoverRadio #RFX #G #love

I'll be at the MetroPCS in Lorain located at 3047 Colorado Avenue. Stop by from 5 to 7 PM and register to win one of 5 pairs of tickets to ROVERFEST X that I'm giving away!

Tinkie does not care for Handmaid’s Tale. She’s very subtle with her hints. https://t.co/swhUNorFdd

Eff off. #handlettering #procreate #profanity https://t.co/Jp43OiHoPD

Buying the world's shittiest jet skis was the best decision of my life, even if they do sound like a lawnmower going over gravel.

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