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Watch Rover and @RRRawlings from @FastNLoudTV do donuts at @GasMonkeyGarage! Thanks @TATravelCenters.

DALLAS: We'll see you tonight around 7 PM at Dot's Hop House! Stop by and hang with RMG!

I know it’s silly. Don’t you dare hold this against me. But how great would it be if the browns make the playoffs and they patriots do not

One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen with that crowd on 18. Can’t wait for next year.

Would you trade Baker Mayfield for Pat Mahomes right now

St. Louis: Swinging by John D. McGurk's at around 9 PM tonight. Stop in and buy Dieter a shot or ten! @TATravelCenters

RIP Nurse Juggalette. Thank you for the incredible support and generosity you showed to us and everyone who got the chance to meet you/hear you/know you. Woop woop.

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