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President Trump signed an executive order regarding Artificial Intelligence. This is the the government’s top secret project.

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Aftermath going live now. Sorry about the hold up.

Coming to @FunnyStop March 1st and 2nd @KateQFunny and yours truly (me) get your tickets say my name and maybe Pete will cut you a deal. He’s good like that

Funny Stop - Tickets

Upcoming events and tickets on Funny Stop https://www.funnystop.online/. Get information and buy tickets.


Should I or shouldn’t I? Onions before hanging with @johncusack tonight @akroncivic #highfidelty

A few weeks ago I worked on painting a gnome w/ my daughter for Home & Garden Show with proceeds going to @ClevelandRMH and this morning this is what I see in my neighbors window! I have the best neighbors ever! #love #charity #G

Yo Taintsmasher made an album and it's out today on all major streaming platforms. Check it out. Twitch Dot Tee Vee Slash Taintsmasher @guacamilos @taintsmasher


I’m looking forward to working with @johncusack Saturday night @akroncivic to watch High Fidelity and chat with John after! Hope to see you there #HighFidelity

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