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BONKERS INTERVIEW with @realDonaldTrump's hydroxychloroquine doctor: DEMONS are impregnating women in their sleep! @stella_immanuel #incubus #succubus

Remember back in the day when Windows would give the Blue Screen of Death a few times per week? Now it’s so rare I just had to tweet it.

Giant Papier-Mâché Jeffrey spotted for the first time since RoverFest 2012. Rumor has it he’s in the running for a management position at the fence company.

Having trouble listening to the WJLR-BM free weekend? You probably have an outdated app version. Delete and install the latest version.

Listen to WJLR-BM free with the RoverRadio app all weekend long, and pick up the limited-edition t-shirt (available this weekend only)! Jeffrey's parody station may not be the ratings leader...but it's definitely Number 2!

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