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Full @banksy mural with details. #nyc #bowerywall https://t.co/lxSRh8QesA

Rest of RMG is napping...I’m out finding @banksy stuff. #nyc #streetart https://t.co/jZsvgVh0wP

Too bad Jeffrey isn’t here. They’re letting us fly some fighters around for fun. Taking off from flight deck in 5 min. Chuck Yeager is my wingman. @TATravelCenters

There are indeed some Rover’s Morning Glory fans in NYC thanks to @iHeartRadio! #NiceSuit ?? #NiceNip

Hey NYC, doing a Manhattan mini meet-up TONIGHT at 8 PM at Double Down Saloon in East Village. See you there!

Snow starting to pick up a little in NYC, but not horrible at the moment. Don’t think RG1 will get snowed in! @TATravelCenters

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