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Duji tries to defend herself after breaking a promise.Update on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. High School football team has been so dominant that opponents are forfeiting.Guy wonders if he should break up with alcoholic girlfriend. JLR spotted at strip club.Tech Tuesday with Dan Costa. Rover doesn't understand the song Broccoli.
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Jeffrey's wife went back to the hospital. Trump caught saying lewd comments about women. Doctors remove 'vibrator stuck in woman's bowel' - it's still vibrating Nadz admits to watching a guy crank it out. Police officer accused of masturbating in car says he was just trying to stay awake. Knott's Berry Farm shuts down Fear virtual reality attraction. Jeffrey says he has to leave because of an emergency. Jeffrey reviews The Girl on the Train for Skidmark Cinema.
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Duji is trying an aromatherapy diet. Video shows Memphis couple overdose on heroin outside store.John Jakicic, Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, calls in to talk about using exercise to lose weight. Nichie, a 29 year old student, comes in for The Hook-Up.Robert Kelly, comedian and actor, calls into the show to promote his upcoming show.
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RMGTV_100516 10-05-2016
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Rover threw a huge party on this date in the '90s. Update on Kim Kardashian getting robbed. Tulsa officer Betty Shelby claims she went deaf before killing Terence Crutcher. Duji's brother keeps trying to give her 6 year old daughter beer. Will Nadz ever drink again? Dieter thinks you can't get a DUI if you throw your keys out of the car. Are new commercials as memorable as old ones?
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Rover has acid reflux. Rover is worried Jeffrey is going to get arrestesd for whipping it out. Kim Kardashian was robbed at gun point. What do Trump's tax returns reveal about his finances? Man spent over $30K to look like David Beckham. Grizzly bear attacks man in Montana twice and he posts bloody Facebook video. David Beilinson, director of Who Took Johnny, calls into the show.
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Duji wants to try and read the news on TV. Did Jeffrey whip it out while being given a ride? Rover was interviewed by Andrea Vecchio. Jeffrey's victim calls in to dispute his version of events. What is the best album that sold over 10 million copies?
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Rover is thinking of going to Australia. Cali Miles and 11 others charged in cocaine ring bust. Trailer park orgy turns violent. Sara, a 21 year old restaurant manager, comes in for The Hook-up. Former USC linebacker Lamar Dawson sues NCAA, Pac-12 over unpaid wages. Rover hates classic movies. Video released shows officers shooting 6-year-old. Who can plank the longest?
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Rover explains why he was out yesterday. Recap of the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Austin Seferian-Jenkins gets a DUI, tells the cops he has to poop. Colleges offer ball pits for students seeking emotional safety. University of Wisconsin campus art deemed "offensive" for portraying Neville Longbottom? 'Modern Family' will feature a transgender child actor. Utah cheerleaders told to cover up because male student reported having impure thoughts. Driver that hit and killed the trooper was drug free.
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Rover went to Las Vegas for iHeartRadio Music Festival. Arnold Palmer passed away. Charlie went whitewater rafting. Dieter and Jeffrey watched a movie at Dieter's place. Rover met Ryan Seacrest. Handicap people cut Rover in line while boarding a plane. Duji did not enjoy her first Uber experience. 'Ride on Red' law allows divers to run red lights legally. Transgender teen becomes the first to join his high school football team. Jeffrey reviews The Magnificent Seven for Skidmark Cinema.