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Nadz might be getting sick. Jennifer Aniston admits she was in the mile high club on Ellen. Duji wears shoes that are way too big. Pete Byers, guy that had his dogs killed by hunter, calls in. Listener tells story of her boyfriend killing a man on accident. Texas teen commits suicide in front of family over bullying. Update on Jeffrey's son's leather jacket.
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Nadz is accused of censoring phone calls. Bodybuilder flips out and assaults judge at competition. Duji says she would rather have her daughter die with her. Harland Williams stops by the studio. Dannielle, a 25 year old bartender, comes in for The Hook-up. Is Alex an alcoholic? MLB All-Star game will no longer determine World Series home-field advantage. iHeartRadio launches on-demand music plans.
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Does Jeffrey ignore his family?Brotha ADX claims vaccines cause autism. Good samaritan killed after helping a woman that was getting beat up. Hunter shot two dogs. Snitzer talks about his past drug use.Jeffrey says he had sex with his wife in front of his mother-in-law.FBI searches gas stations as part of ongoing probe.Ralphie May calls in to promote his upcoming show.
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Rover didn't go to B2's family's for Thanksgiving. Alex caught texting and driving.UK teenager wins battle to have body cryogenically frozen.Trump tweets flag burning should be outlawed.Millennials now date six people at once.Dan Costa on for Tech Tuesday. Rover tests out a new microphone.
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Rover takes a big step in his relationship. What actors would play the cast of the show if RMG was a Hallmark movie? Jeffrey finally drives his family to the fan museum. Rosie O'Donnell suggests that Barron Trump is autistic. Would you rather be beat up by a woman or a gay guy? Ian Petrella, actor from A Christmas Story, stops by the studio. Active shooter at OSU.
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Jeffrey spotted dancing with a woman. All of the 2017 Calendar girls stop by the studio. Reveal of the new RMG hoodie design. Miss Morning Glory winner.
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Bartender shot dead during armed robbery. AdultFriendFinder hacked. Jamie, 28 year driver comes in for the Thursday Hook-Up. Rover won't allow B2 to get lip injections. Alex admits to past DUI arrests. Duji's daughter embarrassed her mom comes to school, Duji doesn't care.
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Jeffrey spotted at Taco Bell. Trump transition to the White House. Husband uses drone to catch his wife cheating on him. Von Miller sues to block release of sex tape. Swedish women get hotline to report mansplaining. Rover designs a leather jacket for Jeffrey's son. Update on Nadz uploading dong pics to facebook. Jeffrey reviews Arrival for Skidmark Cinema.
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Georgia man doesn't want to know who won the election.People are wearing safety pins after the election.Woman wants advise on sex offender living close to her 8 year old. Facebook apologizes for removing photo of firefighter with severe burns.Duji shows her foot x-ray.Dan Costa Skypes in for Tech Tuesday. How will we crank it in the bus?
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Army veteran says free burger taken away by Chili's manager after service questioned. Rover gives an update on his contract. Charlie's car is damaged after somebody threw a rock at him. Kentucky man starts forest fire and films himself reporting it to his Facebook channel. 2017 Calendar and merch announcement. Authorities investigate Mom who kicked out 7-year-old son for voting Trump. Andrew WK stops by the studio.