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Rover hid World Series tickets somewhere in the city. Jared Fogle's ex-wife sues Subway, alleging it failed to alert authorities he was pedophile. Rover's sister is in Australia. Cowboys rack up 54,000 dollar tab at rookie dinner. Dan Costa comes on for Tech Tuesday.
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Jeffrey is mad because people have been calling him all weekend.Rover bought two tickets to the World Series. Jeffrey caught talking to a woman from Nebraska. Man killed wife's father and sister to lure her to their funeral, then murdered her at the service.Charlie gives an update on his Soylent diet.Church apologizes for banning fat people.Jeffrey reviews Ouija Origin of Evil for Skidmark Cinema.
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Jeffrey caught giving out Nadz's number to fans. Duji's daughter wants to wear black face for Halloween. Jeffrey's daughter likes a violent video game. Giants kicker admitted to beating wife, and NFL barely cares. Rover might buy World Series tickets. Witness to the Willoughby police-involved shooting calls in. Man on trial for cruelty after farting in child's face. Charlie gives an update on his Soylent diet.
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Indians are going to the World Series. Recap of the third Trump Clinton debate. Family sues high school in suicide of 14-year-old girl. Man has penis removed after getting it stuck in a bottle. Hanna, a 21 year old vet tech, comes in for The Hook-up. Everyone on the show tries Soylent for the first time. Rover tries to buy World Series tickets.
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Did Duji jinx the Indians? Donald Trump claims the election is rigged. Man tries to chug liquor right after getting pulled over to get out of DUI. Therapy duck helps woman with PTSD stay calm on airplanes. Rover and Duji get into a big argument over B2's diamond necklace. Cop who took 11 minutes to report shooting found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.
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Indians pitcher leaves game due to bloody finger. Melania Trump did an interview with Anderson Cooper. NBC news fires Billy Bush over Donald Trump tape. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2017 nominees. Eneale Pickett, creator of the "All White People Are Racist" hoodie, calls in. Dan Costa answers questions for Tech Tuesday. Dieter wants to buy Tupac's weightlifting equipment.
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Rover was at a karaoke bar. Nadz met JR Smith, Lebron James, and Kevin Love. Is pediaphobia real? Pedals the walking bear said to be killed by a hunter in New Jersey. Student selling 'All white people are racist' hoodies. Soylent Bars recalled after some customers get diarrhea. Rover sees an oddly named plumbing company. Charlie and Nadz tried the Playstation virtual reality.
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Canadian man accused of rape says his penis is too small and his stomach too big to be guilty. Bartender disputes Jeffrey's strip club trip. Duji's mom is suing her apartment building. Dad tells son his Mom died from heroin overdose in video posted to Facebook. Jim Florentine stops by the studio. Jeffrey tries baseball trivia.
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Alex Jones cries over Hillary Clinton. Tom Papa, comedian and actor, stops by the studio. Dominique, a 23 year old cocktail waitress, comes in for The Hook-up. News anchor caught ripping off JLR. Corey Feldman returns to The Today Show.
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Jeffrey explains his latest trip to the strip club. Donald Trump slams Clinton for WikiLeaks emails. Gia blamed Rover for not allowing Duji to go on a field trip. Duji's daughter wants to meet a 32 year old male youtube star. Dieter is really weird about his phone.