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Spicer says Hitler didn't use chemical weapons. Would you dress slutty to make a sale? Alex Jones threatens to beat Adam Schiff's goddamn ass in anti-gay tirade. Taser stuns law enforcement world, offers free body cameras to all US police. McDonald's will now allow you to apply for a job over snapchat. Jeffrey lies about meeting a woman. Skidmark Cinema.
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Youngstown triple murder defendant dies after he jumped off court balcony. Shooting at San Bernardino elementary school. Charlie's wisdom teeth are coming in. Rover went to the bus yesterday. Michelle Carter, accused of encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide through text, is on trial. Dan Costa skypes in for Tech Tuesday. United Airlines drags paying passenger off plane.
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Football player blames indecent exposure charge on jock itch. Teacher fired over an assignment that a parent and student felt went too far. Deaf patrons complain movie theater won't turn on captions. Why men and women can never be just friends. Airline pilot reveals the meanings of 11 code words passengers don't understand.
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Trump launches military strike against Syria. Jeffrey has been spotted at alot of Burger Kings. Suge Knight insists new Tupac death documentary is all true. Is it harder to fart in a thong? Would Snitzer have a threesome? Charlie and Jeffrey potential wife swap. Lavar Ball says UCLA didn't win title because white players are too slow.
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Jeffrey spent most of his tax return. Trump defends Bill O'Reilly, says I don't think Bill did anything wrong. Anna, an 18 year old pizza delivery girl, comes in for The Hook-up. Woman serving life in collar bomb pizza robbery dies in prison. Duji won't take a nap if Gia is awake.
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Rover says he can kick in a front door. Tony Romo officially joins CBS Sports as lead NFL game analyst after retiring. Washington home owner shot 'drunk' teacher who was taking shower in his house. Jeffrey does the news. Finances cause people to cheat. Jeffrey's daughter went on her first movie date. Fox News' Bill O'Reilly losing advertisers after sexual harassment claims.
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Charlie was bad at little league. Rover had to get his gun out last night. Fiance arrested after shooting at woman's attempted abductors outside Texas home. Airport security officer apologizes to family for shooting death of dog. Company is taking heat for selling high heels for kids. Study says hot bath just as good as 30 minutes of exercise.
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Snitzer has moved his studio. Colorado woman's remains found under grave of WWII veteran. Men ruin women's orgasms by doing one thing. Company blasted for onesie that fathers believe is sexist. California lawmakers want to repeal HIV criminalization laws. New laptop bombs could beat airport security. Jeffrey went on a date with an older woman.
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Jeffrey wished Vanessa Del Rio a happy birthday. Local newscaster is asking for help on GoFundMe. Charlie had bad zits growing up. Comedian, Brad Williams, stops by the studio. Doctors and nurses fired after video shows them mocking naked man on surgery table. Andrew McMahon swings by the studio.
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Listener asks for advice after getting pulled over for DUI. Transgender WWII veteran comes out as a woman at 90. 911 call released after Oklahoma man fatally shoots three teen intruders. Paige, a 23 year old chemical dependency counselor, stops in for The Hook-up. Duji bought a blood pressure machine. Rover and Duji are having trouble finding a location for RoverFest.