Posted on: Tuesday, September 20, 2016 Filed under: RMG-TV Full Shows
Jeffrey shows off his skidmarks on The Aftermath. Fan drives six hours to wish her boyfriend a happy birthday. Recap of the JonBenet Ramsey special. Dan Costa comes on for Tech Tuesday. Rover thinks his Apple watch is better than a Fitbit. Rover tried to learn a new language.
Posted on: Monday, September 19, 2016 Filed under: RMG-TV Full Shows
Jeffrey gives an update on his kids' bikes. Woman sues sex-toy maker for invading privacy. Corey Feldman gives a strange performance on The Today Show. Texas high school's stadium to cost $70M. Darren Sharper, convicted rapist, on Pro Football's Hall of Fame nomination list. Rover tests the iPhone 7 water proof feature. Jeffrey caught sticking his keys in his butt. Charlie tried to paint like Bob Ross. Jeffrey reviews Blair Witch for Skidmark Cinema.
Posted on: Friday, September 16, 2016 Filed under: RMG-TV Full Shows
Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper killed after being struck on I-90. Tom Arnold, actor and comedian, stops by the studio. Jeffrey wants to have sex with a blow up doll. Rover wants to buy the new iPhone. Dieter explains the purpose of pigeons.
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Rover doesn't like texting on iOS 10. Rochester golf outing announcement. Rover had a crisis at his house. What's the most pain you have ever felt? Ally, a 30 year old nurse, stops by for The Hook-up. How much noise does everyone make during sex? Why does Duji hate sex?
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Duji is going on a cruise. Woman wonders if she should sell her underpants for 5k. Rover is thinking of buying the Apple watch. Nadz's girlfriend thinks her apartment is haunted. What if E.T. starred Jeffrey? Jeffrey tried to teach his kids how to ride a bike.
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Snitzer's daughter arrested. RGIII is our for eight games. DeAngelo Williams defends leaving a bad tip. Tech Tuesday with Dan Costa. Dieter explains his religious views.
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RoverStock garage sale. Duji claims she almost died. Mattress company airs offensive 9/11 commercial. Dirty Little Holly and Stripper Scott stop by the studio. Jeffrey reviews Don't Breathe for Skidmark Cinema.
Posted on: Thursday, September 08, 2016 Filed under: RMG-TV Full Shows
The phone screener from the afternoon show was tweeting Nadz at 2 am. Greg Fitzsimmons, comedian and writer, stops by the studio. How did everyone get along with their parents? Listener wonders if he should hook up with a girl that might have an STD. Nadz recaps taking his mom to see ACDC. Rutgers Defends 'victims' Of microaggressions, microassaults, and microinsults. Rover gets way too many magazines. Update on the pregnant cat.
Posted on: Wednesday, September 07, 2016 Filed under: RMG-TV Full Shows
Everybody on the show has been pulled over by a pointing cop. Nadz tries to prove he can rap. DA won't press charges against Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott Rover's tells story of having sex with married woman. Nadz's girlfriend is very worried about a pregnant cat. Jeffrey and Dieter try to rescue cat.
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Dieter had to sneak beer into a county fair. Duji shares some sad news about her dog. Megan Rapinoe joins Colin Kaepernick, Kneels During National Anthem. Rover and B2 got into an argument over pumping gas. Rover's Morning Glory garage sale is on. Dan Costa comes in for Tech Tuesday. Rover is a fan of a white girl rapper.