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Fan calls in on his way to Electric Forest. Comedian, Alonzo Bodden, stops by the studio. Dan, former bean farmer, stops by to chug a beer. Dena, a 27 year old night auditor, stops by for The Hook-up. Even moderate drinking causes atrophy in brain. Trump tweets about Mika Brzezinski's facelift.
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Duji just found out about flyboards. Woman paralyzed after orgasm during sex caused brain hemorrhage. Half of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Jeffrey is proudly celebrating being friends with a girl he never met in person. Jeffrey's wife was collecting social security disability while working. Jeffrey is honest for the first time ever.
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Diet update. Guy is upset cause his girlfriend refuses to service him. Ex-NASA scientist calls Goop's 'healing stickers' a load of BS. Nasa on verge of announcing alien life discovery, claims hacking group Anonymous. Brotha ADX explains The Mother Wheel. Dan Costa skypes in for Tech Tuesday. People are saying the new rules for The Lilac Festival in Rochester are racist.
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Rover saw 50 Shades Darker. Rover bought Gia a hoverboard for her birthday. Dieter went to a golf outing with a bunch of cops. Instagram model verbally abuses security guard at Vidcon in California. Mom always asks her baby's permission before picking him up. New Mexico police urge pursuit for Forrest Fenn's treasure to stop after latest death. Jeffrey reviews Transformers The Last Knight for Skidmark Cinema. Jeffrey's son bought a bunch of stuff on Roblox.
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Jeffrey gives an update on the Alcatraz escape from the 60's. Rover is upset that Duji wore his slippers. Charlie and Nadz went to see 311. Rover is going to a baseball game with Duji and Gia. Nadz has a new girlfriend. Man accused of sending wife's nude photos to her coworkers. Rover shines a light on big popcorn. Can the crew pass a 3rd grade test? Jeffrey explains how he wants to buried. Dennis Rodman talks about North Korea on Good Morning America.
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Duji is cheating on her diet. Nickelback's Chad Kroeger slams Slipknot's Corey Taylor. Sinbad, comedian and actor, stops by the stuio. Audra, a 32 year old dance instructor, comes in for The Hook-up. Exploding whipped cream dispenser kills French fitness blogger. Duji is a fake germaphobe.
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The Playstation saga is finally over. Where is all of Jeffrey's money going? Actor Hill Harper reveals that he adopted a son. 6 students charged in connection to death of student run over by fire vehicles. Report says car dealerships could be out of business within a decade. Authorities release dashcam video from shooting of Philando Castile.
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Rover got depressed by a text. The bus has a huge mysterious scrape in it. Charlie is going viral. Megyn Kelly interviewed Alex Jones and it was a letdown. Supreme Court strikes down law banning use of Facebook by registered sex offenders. Drunk farmer starts fight with his own pig but dies after having three fingers and his privates bitten off. Tech Tuesday with Dan Costa. Carrie Fisher had cocaine, heroin, ecstasy in her system, autopsy shows.
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Rover weighs more than he has ever weighed. Did Beyonce fake her first pregnancy? Sailor reported overboard now found hiding in engine room. Newt Gingrich calls in to promote his new book. Judge finds Michelle Carter guilty of manslaughter in texting suicide case. Update on Jeffrey's PlayStation 3. Jeffrey is having financial troubles.
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Dieter thinks a girl hacked his phone. Jeffrey tries to explain why he has a box for a refurbished PS3. Facebook post calls for the killing of LGBTQ people ahead of Pride Parade. Megyn Kelly is going to interview Alex Jones. Man gets a 600 dollar ticket for riding an electric skateboarding. Can you get a ticket for drinking on your own property? Woman gets frostbite from frozen turd. Jeffrey gives an update on his AC.