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Netflix reportedly wants you to choose the endings to your favorite shows. Duji's mom doesn't want to watch Gia. Jenn, a 29 year old construction worker, stops by for the hook up. Rover is grumpy cause he only ate 1,000 calories. Ryan Gosling impersonator accepts 'La La Land' trophy at German awards show. Actor and comedian Faizon Love arrested.
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Was Duji a bitch for bringing in a wig dealer for Rover? Jeffrey makes a deal on his underwear. Jeffrey settles a bet, can he ride a bike? 911 call released of teen who had legs severed by train. Man in jail after attack on homeless person 'decoy' in downtown Las Vegas. Jeffrey is having trouble finding his glasses.
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Rover thinks Charlie was wrong about Gin and Juice lyrics. New Peeps-flavored cookies reportedly turning people's poop pink. Duji's friend complained that a guy was taking huge dumps. Woman wants advice on her sexless engagement. Duji brings in a mystery guest. Miami cop became beneficiary of elderly man's estate after call for help. Dan Cost does Tech Tuesday.
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Recap of the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards. Woman wants advice on her 17 year old daughter talking to a 24 year old guy. Teen boy, mistaken for intruder, shot and killed after girl sneaks him into her house. The radio station is editing out the the word sex. Charlie and Nadz recap an episode of My 600lb Life. Doug Wead, author of Game of Thorns about 2016 Presidential election.
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Jeffrey had a rough couple days. What memorabilia would you want to own? Pauly Shore stops by the studio. Sex doll brothel opens in Barcelona.
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Roverfest may not happen this year. Woman claims holding the door for women is a sign of aggression. Shauna, a 28 year old nanny, stops in for The Hook-up. Joe Biden's son, widowed daughter-in-law in romantic relationship. Comedian John Caparulo attacked by Trump supporter. Duji doesn't think Rover could walk 7 miles.
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Jeffrey is super hyped up for some reason. Hartford paying 885K to family whose dog was killed by cops. Georgia couple gets prison for racist threats at child's birthday party. Google's YouTube to Launch 35-a-Month Web-TV Service. Rover discusses his regrets. Jeffrey did some guest announcing at a wrestling show. Duji is not wearing socks...
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'Biggest Loser' host Bob Harper 'feeling better' after heart attack Ralphie May's ex claims he got rough during sex. Ferrari accused of allowing illegal odometer rollbacks in new lawsuit. Dan Costa on for Tech Tuesday.
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Oscars screw-up gives Moonlight's Best Picture award to La La Land. Nadz gets a DP offer from a listener. Transgender boy wins girls' high school wrestling title amid controversy. Jeffrey got his tax return. Jeffrey reviews Get Out for Skidmark Cinema.
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Jeffrey walked 3 hours home from the movie theater. Charlie has gone deaf in his right ear. Who makes more money, ugly or attractive people? Doctor Has Invented An Adhesive 'Lipstick' To Block Periods. Feds will step up marijuana law enforcement.