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Recap of Trump winning the election. Trump supporter, Silk, of Diamond and Silk skypes in. Ted Nugent calls in to talk about Trump.
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Alex, the new producer, says he is supporting Trump. High school pays tribute to classmates who were killed in drunk driving accident except they weren't. Sean Astin calls in to give his support for Hillary Clinton. Rover thinks Alex might be hiding that he is super rich. Dan Costa on for Tech Tuesday. Nadz isn't going to vote.
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Jeffrey went on an hour long trip to get root beer. Trump is upset with Jay-z's language. Parents of Pizza Hut robbery suspect question why worker fatally shot their son. Jeffrey and Brittany debate for Jeffrey's job. Ontario man ordered to remove licence plate deemed offensive by government. Jeffrey reviews Hacksaw Ridge for Skidmark Cinema.
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Jeffrey explains canvassing a neighborhood.Rover thinks that they need to automate the strike zone in baseball.Michael Moore, documentary filmmaker and writer, calls in to talk about his new film. Rover shows off his new sweat pants. Management isn't happy with where Nadz and Charlie watched the World Series. Benji Madden of Good Charlotte calls in.
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Recap of World Series game 7.The new producer, Alex, explains why he never showed up to work. Greg Behrendt, comedian and author, stops by the studio. Brittany, a 24 year old pizza shop employee, comes in for The Hook-up.Rover has decided to only wear sweat pants.
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Rover was at game 6 of the World Series. Alex, the new producer, is a no call no show on second day. Jeffrey and Dieter went to a haunted house. World Series predictions.
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Rover at game 5 of the World Series. Offensive Halloween costumes. Do Cubs fans like being losers? Rover doesn't not like an old lady Cubs fan. Man accused of tricking women into rehearsing for fake porn movies. Charlie Sheen was supposed to come in. New producer, Alex, talks for the first time.
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People are paying over 100 dollars to watch the Cubs at the bar. Soylent halts sales of its powder as customers keep getting sick. UC Berkeley students segregate campus, block bridge with human wall. Rover is going to wear a ski mask to the World Series. Wade Davis, former football player, calls in to explain why the word sissy is wrong to use. Jeffrey is driving to a fan museum over the weekend. Listener wonders if he should allow daughter's boyfriend to move in. Charlie Sheen is coming to the World Series. Mama Nadz calls in to talk about sex.
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BYU fan accused of holding an anti-gay sign. Scientists have made a major breakthrough in developing male birth control.Ashley, a 22 year old edible arranger, comes in for The Hook-up. Florida man arrested after cops mistook his Krispy Kreme doughnut glaze for meth.Rover and Duji are on a collision course.
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Recap of the World Series. Woman 'sexually assaulted' in virtual reality by pervert cyber-groper. Duji covers her butt when she walks down the hallway. Duji and Rover are still arguing about Duji's comments about B2. Amy Schumer slammed for 'racially insensitive' parody video. Poker players have heated confrontation in the middle of a hand. Uber and Anheuser-Busch make first autonomous trucking beer delivery.