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What should you get for valentine's day? 2 men walk into police station with guns, get arrested. How young is too young to operate a vehicle? How much does it cost to have a vagina? Duji wants to get a German Shepard. Charlie got some shoes for his birthday. Duji is going to Atlanta.
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President Trump is now speculating that the media is covering up terrorist attacks. Man's Tinder date leaves him naked, wallet-less at motel. Alex Jones thinks Lady Gaga's Super Bowl 51 performance was a satanic ritual. Dripping may be a new, dangerous trend for teens who vape. Snitzer is thinking of getting a cane because his body sucks.
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Recap of the Super Bowl. Dairy Queen manager accused of manslaughter in employee's suicide. Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter in critical condition after ATV flips. Jeffrey's son posts an F-bomb video. Charlie has an ingrown hair. Jeffrey reviews The Space Between Us for Skidmark Cinema.
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Snitzer is going to Japan. Rover catches a sales guy talking about him. Jeffrey makes a big announcement about his Super Bowl party. Hairstylist stops by to try and fix Duji's hiar. Woman records sex act at courthouse and posts it online. Catch Me Outside girl from Dr. Phil was in a fight.
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Rover doesn't understand why people argue on social media. Woman stabs her date and tries to eat his heart. Lauren, a 32 year old in sales, stops by for The Hook-up. Duji won't take her medication. Mom lied about child being missing so officers would find her stolen car faster. Texas cop fired over feces sandwich fired again. Trump slams Schwarzenegger at prayer breakfast. Rover goes through Duji's phone.
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Caller said he went through with a rape fantasy. Homeowner charged with manslaughter for shooting at home invasion suspects Duji put Vicks VapoRub on her feet. Pastor runs out of house naked after being caught having sex with man's wife. Sharpie shock challenge, is it real? Autry Pruitt, political commentator and columnist, calls in to defend Donald Trump. Jeffrey gives details to the Super Bowl Party he is NOT throwing.
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Rover hates going to the movies. Boy Scouts open membership to transgender boys. Andrew Zimmern, host of Bizarre Foods, calls in. Mischa Barton filmed ranting incoherently. How do you pronounce Aeropostale? Tech Tuesday with Dan Costa.
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Rover is dabbling in the stock market. Dieter explains why he is wearing a neck brace. Charlie buys Jeffrey's car. High school student forced to pee in bucket wins lawsuit.
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Study says you become less grumpy the older you get. Girls are now using facetune to change their pictures. Porn studio in San Diego is being sued for tricking women. Duji got botox over Christmas break. Rover always answers his door while he is packing heat. Kodie, a beekeeper, stops by the studio to drop off some honey. Chris Hansen calls in to promote his show, Crime Watch Daily.
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Jeffrey finally gets ride of his broken car. Mom responds to shocking video of her son assaulting a student. Tomaserin posts a shocking new video. Dieter is involved in a class action lawsuit. Caller explains crisis actors. Secret Service agent under fire after posting she wouldn't take bullet for Trump.