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Shooting at Fort Lauderdale airport. Meryl Streep takes on Donald Trump at Golden Globes. Creepy Craigslist ad offers Coachella pass to a woman willing to agree to weird requests. Nadz broke up with his girlfriend. Toddler gets toy car stuck on his penis. Taintsmasher stops by the studio.
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History of Jeffrey LaRocque in song. Hate crime, kidnapping charges filed against 4 in Facebook Live torture case. France just made spanking illegal. Duji bought a Simply Fit Board. Ariana Grande speaks out after she says she was 'objectified' by male fan. Update on former producer, Rob Garguilo. Dieter bought a house. Duji's daughter is texting people.
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Rover gives an update on the RMG tour bus. Comedian, Josh Wolf, stops by the studio. Sunshine, a 40 year old customer relations manager, stops by the studio for The Hook-up. 4 arrested in Facebook Live beating of man with special needs. Duji is in credit card debt.
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Should Ronda Rousey retire? Dieter thinks we should kill terrorists' kids. Did Charlie get beat up by a girl again? Jeffrey was involved in a hit-and-run. Dieter tries on an NBA Championship ring.
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Rover is tired of people pretending to need service animals. Is JLR starring in porn? Youtube prankster claims that he got kicked off a plane for speaking Arabic. Recap of what everyone got for Christmas. Recap of the celebrity deaths. Rover's agent got him a juicer. RMG Death Pool. Alex was late again.
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Jeffrey's son stops by the studio to pick up his Christmas gift. Sheriff goes on tirade as man is charged in fatal shooting of Joe McKnight. Rover saw an old guy that sprayed diarrhea everywhere. Colostomy bags are gross. Pro golfer Paige Spiranac gives emotional answer when asked about cyberbullying.
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Duji is wearing an awful sweater. Alleged kidnapper busted after months on the run. Mistrial in South Carolina police killing of black man. Cop fired over profanity-laced tirade at traffic stop. Alex sucks at breathing. 2017 Grammy nominations. Ballrag wants Rover to end the show for the year.
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Trump tweets about SNL skit that made fun of his tweeting. Is Nadz p-whipped? Listener wants herpes advice. Alleged kidnapper busted after months on the run. Jeffrey reviews Incarnate for Skidmark Cinema.
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Nadz might be getting sick. Jennifer Aniston admits she was in the mile high club on Ellen. Duji wears shoes that are way too big. Pete Byers, guy that had his dogs killed by hunter, calls in. Listener tells story of her boyfriend killing a man on accident. Texas teen commits suicide in front of family over bullying. Update on Jeffrey's son's leather jacket.
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Nadz is accused of censoring phone calls. Bodybuilder flips out and assaults judge at competition. Duji says she would rather have her daughter die with her. Harland Williams stops by the studio. Dannielle, a 25 year old bartender, comes in for The Hook-up. Is Alex an alcoholic? MLB All-Star game will no longer determine World Series home-field advantage. iHeartRadio launches on-demand music plans.