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Jeffrey got a bunch of gifts from a listener. Duji doesn't think we can have an aisle at Holy Moses Matrimony. Rover is thinking of writing a complaint letter. Jeffrey tries to plan out who will be in his wedding. Rover wanted to try eating marijuana. NYPD cop who wrongfully arrested James Blake is now suing James Blake. Nadz went to a sublime tribute concert.
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Will Mary Elizabeth show up to The Holy Moses Matrimony? Update on the shooting in Las Vegas. Dan Bilzerian is being called out by a marine. General Motors is going all electric. Dan Costa on for Tech Tuesday.
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Las Vegas shooting at country concert. Jeffrey hung out with his old lady girlfriend instead of going home. Announcement of Jeffrey's Holy Moses Matrimony. Rover cried at Bob Eatman's funeral. Charlie gives an update on his hemorrhoid. B2 was in a car accident.
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Live from Los Angeles, CA. Dieter and Jeffrey went out on the Sunset Strip. Jeffrey blames Rover for not getting his son piano lessons. Jeffrey forgot his son’s birthday again. Ric Flair claims he banged 10,000 women. Jeffrey exposes inside wrestling secrets. Former WWE wrestler wants to have sex with his daughter. Charlie went to the doctor for his hemorrhoid. Charlie’s butthole is bleeding profusely. Snitzer’s dirty talk is PG-13. The crew ranks their favorite parts of the trip. Jeffrey won’t let anyone else get close to Dieter. Dieter discovered Jeffrey making weird noises in the middle of the night. Jeffrey is excited to ride in airplane in 20 years. Tajikistan institute strange new laws for funerals. Will Rover cry at his agent’s funeral? Jewish funerals explained. Why isn’t Duji going to the funeral?
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Live from Los Angeles, CA. Comedian Bert Kreischer sits in for the show on Rolling Glory One. Bert is going sober for all of October. Steeler’s player apologizes for standing by himself for National Anthem. Bert hates Gene Simmons. Snitzer refused to get Charlie hemorrhoid medication. Bert inspects Charlie’s butthole. Jeffrey gets offered $800 to push Charlie’s hemorrhoid back in. Does Charlie need to fly home for surgery? What is the protocol for a Jewish funeral? Jeffrey fell asleep during Rover’s heartfelt tribute to his agent. How much money do comedians make? Did Rover see Future at the store yesterday? The crew talks about current rap music. Rover sent B2 into liquor store where Young Dolph got shot. What’s the closest Bert’s ever come to death? Bert calls Dr. Drew with some important questions. 6/12/18/24 Challenge is back on.
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Live from Los Angeles, CA. Announcement of Dayton/Louisville visit. Rover’s agent, Bob Eatman, passed away. The generator on the bus broke down. Charlie has a massive hemorrhoid and can barely walk. Charlie’s dad calls in and talks about his time in jail. The show is broadcasting from a very famous Hollywood set. Megyn Kelly caused a stir for her treatment of a gay man. University had an “offensive” dinner for African American students. Rover and Duji got into massive fight at dinner in Vegas. Duji feels threatened by B2. Listener won 14k in Vegas. Rover teaches Charlie how to play Blackjack. Jeffrey flips off Rover after paying back his loan. Snitzer did his laundry in a sink.
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Live from Flagstaff, AZ. Duji defends throwing out Charlie’s weed. National Anthem chaos in the NFL. Charlie was photobombing celebrities. Duji started crying when Chris Martin walked by. Rover witnessed three women getting groped. iHeart Radio Music Festival Recap. Jeffrey paid $20 for a random CD on the street. Charlie signed up for MoviePass.
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Live from Las Vegas. Jeffrey almost crapped his pants. Thermostat issues on the bus. Charlie refuses to ever hang out with Duji again. The crew smoked some weed. Jeffrey wasted his money on a Michael Jackson impersonator. Dieter made money gambling on poker. Dieter gifted Jeffrey boner pills. Jeffrey decides he's not cheating on his wife anymore. What is proper protocol for splitting bills in restaurants? Man robs Starbucks and sues good samatarian who stabbed him. Jeffrey didn't wash his hands after dumping at the Grand Canyon. BallRag makes his show return. Duji threw out Charlie's weed.
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Live from Las Vegas. Jeffrey responds to the haters. Charlie got caught trying to sneak a camera into the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Elvis stops by to wish Rover a happy birthday. B2 makes her show debut. BallRag is a no call no show. Woman fakes seizure to avoid mugging. Was Snitzer roofied? Duji keeps wearing dirty socks. App that tracks student’s every move. Jeffrey describes taking his wife’s virginity.
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Live from the Grand Canyon. Dieter and Anthony saw a shooting star. Crew is scared of glass walkway overlooking the Grand Canyon. Caller’s daughter has cancer and Jeffrey falls asleep. Duji’s daughter sleeps in the bed with her nanny. Silicon Valley executives “biohack” by not eating for days. Who on the show could last the longest without food? Are Jeffrey and Dieter dating? Jeffrey is forcing everyone to watch wrestling while he plays on his phone. Does the NFL have serious issues? Should there be a Jeffrey bus tour?