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Hurricane Harvey hits Houston hard. Jeffrey went to a party where he didn't know anybody. Recap of the Mayweather and McGregor fight. Anthony Sullivan, Television Pitchman and Author, calls in. Guy pays up on a bet he made with Rover. Charlie went to Denver. Jeffrey reviews Birth of a Dragon for Skidmark Cinema.
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Jock vs. Joke fight recap and reactions. What would RMG staff do with $750 million Powerball lottery winnings? Are sex dolls cheating? Reactions to new Taylor Swift song. Mayweather vs. McGregor fight predictions. Does Mary Elizabeth have a cell-phone? And much more!
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Dumb's girlfriend is accused of sleeping with a football player. Jon Lovitz, actor and comedian, stops by the studio. Dumb vs Dieter boxing match.
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Cleveland Browns players take knee in circle during national anthem before preseason game. Dumb challenges Dieter to a boxing match. ESPN's Robert Lee won't announce Virginia game because of his name. Somebody keeps prank calling Jeffrey. Jeffrey's son hit his daughter.
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Update on the USS John McCain. Rover was not impressed with the eclipse. Mom crushed to death in hospital elevator hours after giving birth. Dumb's daughter started a GoFundMe. Duji calls in from her daughter's school. Dan Costa skypes in for Tech Tuesday. Rover thinks all truck will be autonomous in 20 years.
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The show prepares for the eclipse. Snitzer's son aboard the USS John McCain that was in a collison. Alaska cops fight for the right to sexually exploit prostitution suspects. Human Trafficking Scott calls in. Duji hung with Rover's family all weekend. Jeffrey reviews The Hitman's Bodyguard for Skidmark Cinema.
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Rover wore a Michael Jackson jacket when he was a child. Rover announces somebody was let go from the company. Guy calls in for help because his daughter has leukemia. Dieter found an egg in the toilet. Jeffrey's friend calls in to talk about being the victim of a drive by shooting. Jeffrey DJed at a strip club. Stripper Scott gets his name changed. The crew learns about human trafficking. Dumb shows everybody his weird micro penis.
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Dumb returns to answer phones while Nadz is out. Free Cruise lawsuit settlement offers up to 900 for robocalls. Nadz calls in to explain a car accident that he was in. Juju, a 31 year old thicc girl, comes in for The Hook-up. Former radio guy is now a drug counselor.
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Nadz is not at work but he went to a concert. Woman has to beg her boyfriend for sex all the time to ease symptoms of rare condition. Trump says both sides to blame amid Charlottesville backlash. JLR caught in a lie about his trip to the movies. JLR is going to guest DJ at a strip club.
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Trump condemns white supremacists after Charlottesville attack. Listeners think Nadz is taking drugs. DaddyOFive couple famous for YouTube prank videos charged with child neglect. 10,000 gallons of illegal alcohol seized in Mexico. League of Legends player vows abstinence after sex hurt his career.