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Recap of the World Series. Jeffrey and Dieter were at a diner in California where an employee set up a hidden camera in the bathroom. Kyrie Irving says there is no real picture of Earth. Tif, a 30 year old paramedical tattoo artist, comes in for The Hook-up. Depressing listener calls in to whine about his girlfriend. Duji's anniversary of not having sex is coming up on 6 years.
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Recap of trick or treating. House of Cards suspends production indefinitely amid Kevin Spacey scandal. Update on the murder of a local teacher. Parent held teacher hostage at school in California. Recap of Jeffrey giving money to a woman. AJ McCarron staying in Cincinnati after Cleveland Browns miss trade deadline.
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Charges against Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and George Papadopoulos. Rose McGowan claims she was offered hush money over Weinstein allegations. Women rescued after spending 5 months lost at sea plan their next trip. Nadz had a really bad time at a Halloween party. Starz CEO drops 1 million dollars to have Snoop Dogg at kids’ Halloween party. Guy wants Rover to pay him 800 billion dollars for his music. Kevin Spacey comes out after being accused of sexual assault. Dan Costa on for Tech Tuesday.
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Update on the car accident from yesterday. Jeffrey is in a sour mood after his wife overheard a conversation between Rover and Duji. Jeffrey's friend is complaining about the show to Ballrag. Jay Pharoah, actor and comedian, stops by the studio. Rover woke up in the middle of the night to order the new iPhone. Gretchen Carlson calls in to talk about sexual harassment. Explosive information comes out about Duji and her printer problems. New information on the Strongsville murder.
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Everybody was late because of a car accident. Katie Armiger says she was blacklisted from country music after sexual harassment allegations. Woman calls in and says she was sexually assaulted by police officers. Jesea, a 24 year old bartender, comes in for The Hook-up. Duji went wedding dress shopping with Jeffrey's wife. People aren't buy Nadz's story about his car.
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Jeffrey gives another foot update. Father kills himself on Facebook Live over daughter’s engagement. Strongsville police investigate stabbing death of middle school teacher. Is Nadz telling the truth about his car breaking down? Charlie had a natural gas well growing up. Murder charges announced for 5 teens after rock thrown from overpass kills man.
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Jeffrey's foot is looking worse. Moms are freaking out that Moana costume is cultural appropriation. Duji almost got into a fight at an amusement park. What career could you fake? Tech Tuesday with Dan Costa. Charlie doesn't know how to poop.
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Jeffrey finally comes clean about his wife's ring. Fox kept Bill O'Reilly despite 32M sexual harassment settlement. Angry Louisville man calls in and yells at Jeffrey for making out with his wife. Jeffrey's old lady girlfriend calls in. 38 women accuse director James Toback of sexual harassment. Jeffrey reviews The Snowman for Skidmark Cinema.
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Live from Louisville, KY onboard Rolling Glory One. Jeffrey’s 47th birthday. Dayton fan meet-up recap. Jeffrey did stand-up comedy. The crew is going on a bourbon tour. Jeffrey motor boated all over Dayton. Rover talked to a reformed mental patient in Dayton. Charlie got tricked into smoking weed. Jeffrey has never heard Pink Floyd. Cemetery repossessed gravestone of child for unpaid bills. Listener’s boss is having an affair and asks for advice. Jeffrey has an open wound on his foot analyzed by nurse. Charlie thinks he can beat up 500 eight year olds. Everyone takes shots for Jeffrey’s birthday. Rover’s mom got ripped off at a car dealership. Whiskey cures Jeffrey’s stuttering.
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Live from Dayton, OH from Rolling Glory One. Snitzer is afraid to talk to the bus driver. Announcement for Dayton meet-up. B2 refuses to get gun training to protect their house. Snitzer made a pilgrimage to see a Star Wars Halloween decoration. Playboy names first transgender playmate. Jeffrey’s daughter is going as a sexy schoolgirl for Halloween. MGM releases controversial advertisement. Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney accuses doctor of sexual assault.