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Rover is sore from playing with Duji's kid. Students instructed to write essay on 9-11 from terrorists' perspective. Nadz gives an update on his probation. Trump is playing a lot of golf. Dan Costa skypes in for Tech Tuesday. Rover did Duji's taxes.
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Duji makes Gia cry to make Rover feel bad. Former Bloomberg maid claims Hampton mansion was a sex den with orgies all over. Matador had anus completely destroyed by a bull. Man who shot terminally ill dog is facing animal cruelty charges. Rover dropped off some equipment at the tour bus. Court rules that landlord can evict roommate because he's black.
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Rover uploaded a bunch of new JLR parody songs. Duji's daughter wants to be a youtube star. Marissa, a 20 year old personal trainer, stops by for The Hook-up. Jeffrey finally takes off the underwear that he was wearing for two weeks. Jeffrey's fence company is not happy with him.
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Duji had a dream about Jeffrey. Jeffrey made out with a listener's mom. Charlie and Duji are worried after getting blood work. Private photos of more celebrities leaked in Fappening 2.0. Mom defends controversial GoFundMe asking for 6K to take her kids to Disney World. Neil Gorsuch was stumped by Reddit's duck-horse question. Rover would get serviced by a guy for $100K.
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Man arrested for tweeting seizure-inducing GIF to reporter with epilepsy. The guys on the show take a test to find out if they are addicted to porn. Duji and Rover math showdown. Leaked video shows Texas police chief telling homeless teen to 'buck up and get the hell out of dodge' Goalie who had ex fed to dogs says people need to get over my one mistake.
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Chuck Berry's fart tape. Listener is annoyed with woman breast feeding in public. Dieter attempts to crush a watermelons. Charlie recaps his trip to SXSW. Dieter recaps the St. Patrick's day bar crawl. Jeffrey reviews Beauty and the Beast for Skidmark Cinema.
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St. Patrick's Day. Selena Gomez wants people to forget about her. Study shows men need alcohol to have fun. Sean Hannity points gun at co-worker. Brazilian soccer team signs convicted murderer. Howard Stern has intense security. Crazy guy claims he was beat up because of Rover.
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Drive-thru funerals Sex for work exchange in Russia Meghan, 20 year old server, stops by for the Hook-up Blood in the Studio sequel in the works? Heroin user overdoses being charged with inducing panic. Potential cop admits to sexual assault in interview.
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Jeffrey's wife is a grocery store enthusiast. Everyone is worried about what will happen to Nadz once he is off probation. Woman calls in and wants advice on her neighbors dog. Jeffrey gets gift from fan Justin Bieber insults fan trying to get a picture Dieter called a Hulk Hogan 900 number.
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Duji was totally wrong about the snow storm. Orangutans are boxing in Thailand. Norway is having a problem with child sex dolls. Judge awards tri-custody to couple and woman they had relationship with. Father shoots and kills twin daughters in apparent murder suicide.