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Updates on Hurricane Irma. Woman gets scammed after she found a wallet filled with cash. Artie Lange calls in. The crew drinks gross liquids through a LifeStraw. Dieter is mesmerized by a Contra speed run.
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Nadz is back again...again...again. Dieter gets mad that Duji said he was wearing a large shirt. Florida sheriff threatens to arrest fugitives at shelters. Kenny Crumpton involved in another news blooper. Kristina, a 26 year old shipping coordinator, comes in for The Hook-up. Bill and Mike of Universal Windows Direct explain how they may have to pay for $2 million in free work.
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Rover stopped by Jeffrey's house. Tracking Hurricane Irma. Chloe Bennet says Hollywood is racist in response to her name change. Jordan Lebovitz, attorney with Nurenberg Paris, calls in to comment on the Utah nurse arrest. Jeffrey takes a typing test. Jeffrey is hanging out with a strange woman. WFAN’s Craig Carton arrested in concert ticket Ponzi scheme.
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Rover had a dream about calendar girls. Nadz is back again. Rover doesn't care about hurricane price gouging. Utah nurse arrested for not drawing blood on unconscious patient. Duji had to go to the DMV. Charlie now owns a scooter. Tech Tuesday with Dan Costa. Guy ran into a fire at Burning Man.
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Jeffrey is bleeding from his nose. Hurricane Harvey update. New app scans your voice and face and tells companies whether you’re worth hiring. Dieter had a nail in his tire for 6 months. Students suspended, expelled for playing Jews vs. Nazis beer pong. Good Morning America did a news story about kids roasting each other. Did Dumb rip off a graphic designer?
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Woman wonders why her husband will only have sex with her after she showers. Joey Badass may have canceled shows because he looked at the eclipse. Woman with service dog causes scene in Wal-Mart. Tech Tuesday with Dan Costa. The show tries to plane their route to Las Vegas. Dumb doesn't understand how to make left turns.
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Hurricane Harvey hits Houston hard. Jeffrey went to a party where he didn't know anybody. Recap of the Mayweather and McGregor fight. Anthony Sullivan, Television Pitchman and Author, calls in. Guy pays up on a bet he made with Rover. Charlie went to Denver. Jeffrey reviews Birth of a Dragon for Skidmark Cinema.
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Jock vs. Joke fight recap and reactions. What would RMG staff do with $750 million Powerball lottery winnings? Are sex dolls cheating? Reactions to new Taylor Swift song. Mayweather vs. McGregor fight predictions. Does Mary Elizabeth have a cell-phone? And much more!
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Dumb's girlfriend is accused of sleeping with a football player. Jon Lovitz, actor and comedian, stops by the studio. Dumb vs Dieter boxing match.
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Cleveland Browns players take knee in circle during national anthem before preseason game. Dumb challenges Dieter to a boxing match. ESPN's Robert Lee won't announce Virginia game because of his name. Somebody keeps prank calling Jeffrey. Jeffrey's son hit his daughter.