Posted on: Friday, June 23, 2017 Filed under: Friday Leftovers
Rover is craving caffeine and sugar, shooting at black bike week, Jeffrey has a lisp, wild bull running wild in the street, matador gets his comeuppance, deer gets hit by train, Rover hates his chair, Costa Rican president eats a wasp, lemurs attack a duckling, terrifying plane crash, employee of the month stops bank robbery, road rage motorcycle vs car, police car destroyed in intersection, guy fails at riding giant pig, gorilla bubble bath, & much more!
Posted on: Friday, June 16, 2017 Filed under: Friday Leftovers
Jeffrey's PS3 mystery deepens,, Amateur wrestlers jump from roof into burning truck, psychic doesn't see car crash coming, guy shoots fridge full of Tannerite, man destroys liquor store, peacock destroys liquor store, bear attack, gator clamps down on zookeepers head, Kevin Durant spits out beer, guy glides across pool, Lonzo Ball commercial, horse jumping disaster, the worst friend zone ever, MMA fight ends with dick kick, & much more!
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Jeffrey reveals why he canceled his Miami trip, Dieter offers to buy Jeffrey another plane ticket, Rover is having serious stomach issues, the poop smell saga continues, & much more!
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Nadz is in trouble for endorsing a mayoral candidate, new shirt for Jeffrey, 4 wheeler accident, McDonald's prank backfires, Iraqi journalist hit by sniper, Ukraine sewer pipe disaster, motorcycle rider hits car and lands on trunk, bike race crash, ski lift fall, goat fart, instant karma for angry pedestrian, Dubai traffic jam, & much more!
Posted on: Friday, May 19, 2017 Filed under: Friday Leftovers
Jeffrey and Mary Elizabeth call in, Jeffrey dined and dashed at a comedy club, Rover is trying to sell his boat, biker steals purse, cat has deep voice, Charlie wears a fanny pack, motorcycle fail, magic trick gone wrong, fireworks in the butt, guy plays bass with fidget spinner, Times Square crash, guy falls of cliff for selfie, fat guy crushes nuts, & much more!
Posted on: Friday, May 12, 2017 Filed under: Friday Leftovers
Duji shows off her fidget spinner, RMG back on in Dayton, rape at Sun Fest, people don't want to be seen with Duji at a wedding, weird skittles commercial, dog chases bear out of yard, drone causes bike race accident, mysterious sea creature, banned video of the King of Thailand, Duji wants Psy to make a comeback, taxi cab freak out, who is humping the dead shark, guy tries showing off in car, Chinese nut swing, golfer hits bird & much more.
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First week on the bus recap, Tony Rock stopped by, Duji calls Nadz a pussy, Jeffrey stepped in a pile of puke, Charlie cockblocked Dieter, does Dieter lack social skills, Jeffrey choked with the old woman, taxis are the worst, & much more!
Posted on: Thursday, April 27, 2017 Filed under: Friday Leftovers
Duji is rubbing the bus trip in Nadz's face, Charlie and Nadz got electric skateboards, Rover Skypes in, guy eats trees, prom fail, girl gets rejected after prom proposal, suicidal girl rescued by drop kick, cop with body cam saves man, guy farts while bench pressing, keg explodes, Al Roker handshake fail, fireworks baseball, excited dog, & much more!
Posted on: Friday, April 21, 2017 Filed under: Friday Leftovers
Jeffrey explains his massive mistake, Dieter got a great shirt, Rover's boat has more problems, runaway tire, sex interrupts tennis match, kangaroo has itchy balls, truck driver drags car, fat guy backfips off roof, woman gives CPR to dead bird, bus driver fight, John Daly drives a ball off a beer can, drunk man pisses on the floor of an airport, twerking girl causes accident, cobra drinking water from a bottle, fish having an orgasm, & much more!
Posted on: Friday, April 07, 2017 Filed under: Friday Leftovers
Ballrag tried silencing Jeffrey, Dieter and Jeffrey are going down to black bike week, frat bro elbow drop, girl beats up a guy, college student falls out of tree, maid falls off balcony, Phil Simms farts in the broadcast booth, cat hates woman, dog commits a bowling penalty, dog fails chasing ducks, crazy woman flips out over PDA, Jeep pushes BMW out of parking spot, guy gets nailed by runaway tire, horse takes drunk man home, chimp hits grandma with poop, & much more!