Posted on: Friday, December 01, 2017 Filed under: Friday Leftovers
Zebra escapes alligator only to get caught by lion, Snitzer is talking like an Englishman, rhino interrupts other rhinos' bang sesh, Joel Osteen impersonator, woman yells at mall Santa for not being real, Bosnian war criminal poisons himself after being found guilty, 500 lb wrestler does backflip, woman has worms living in her mouth, Stone Cold Steve Austin is paralyzed in the ring, Chanel West Coast caught insulting a bouncer, dog is fed up with owner, & much more!
Posted on: Monday, November 20, 2017 Filed under: Friday Leftovers
Jeffrey's son tried to kiss, Duji, Chinese groom blows himself up with fireworks, blind man almost gets run over by train, power drill through guy's head, woman claims racism after ordering fries at Taco Bell, woman climbs through drive through to steal a soda, man has no idea what he's doing at the gym, Tesla Roadster road test, idiot on The Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune disaster, monkey addicted to drinking gasoline, monkey pisses all over guy's shoulder, coconut crab eats giant bird, eagle steals fish from boat, boogie board down sand dune, guy in wheelchair pulls car, and much more!
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Is Jeffrey excited to renew his vows, Dumb is pissed, Drake stops sexual harassment in the middle of his show, guy does pull ups on rafters at concert, Gene Simmons confronts unruly fan, Charlie went to a weird concert, girl gets salad tossed at concert, girl slams bottle of gin, kid almost gets killed by semi, guy evades cops by jumping over train, truck hits elephant in street, guy farts Star Wars theme, & much more.
Posted on: Friday, November 10, 2017 Filed under: Friday Leftovers
RMG Plus Updates on the way, Jeffrey walked into work today, Duji is abusing the printer, Facebook is listening to you, coach slaps player's helmet before game, hoverboard front flip fail, kid can turn head 180 degrees, unruly female football fan gets punched by cop, Jeffrey got into an accident at work, MUST SEE: Android tracks every place Jeffrey has ever been.
Posted on: Tuesday, November 07, 2017 Filed under: Friday Leftovers
World Series mishap, Duji plays the worst video ever, weatherman does a spooky forecast, bear with deformed tongue, bear walks into backyard BBQ, bear breaks into pizza shop, smartest dog alive finds chicken nuggets, Duji wants a dog, people trying to slide dollar bills through card readers, terrifying campaign ad, Aussie man gets run over in road rage incident, newscaster eat the spiciest chip and pukes, kid kicks out chair from kid sitting during pledge of allegiance, fireworks between the buttcheeks, motorcyclist gets clotheslined by a forklift, & much more!
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Rover is depressed, Jeffrey calls random female fans from Facebook, CRAZY STORY MUST LISTEN: Jeffrey explains where his money is going.
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Jeffrey is still loaded, pilot buzzes control tower with passenger plane, Rover mistakenly thought they were getting free drinks, hot teacher is upset students are googling her, drone is attempting to lure kids off playground, woman has sex with gasoline pump, insane skier wipe out, Dubai police to start using hover bikes, NYC subway argument, women secretly poops in public, guys tooth falls out while zip lining, guy jumps off cliff into boat,girl talks about "grapefruting", and much more!
Posted on: Friday, October 13, 2017 Filed under: Friday Leftovers
Jeffrey suggests selling RMG turtlenecks, Mark Zuckerberg catching heat for Puerto Rico video, Jeffrey stole his wife's wedding ring, Jeffrey tries to tell a story about getting a new phone, girl finds out she's getting adopted, crazy lightning strike, kid face plants down a slide, Skid Mark Cinema, Antifa member gets hit by drum, dentist extracts his own wisdom tooth, kid swallows squeaky toy, Colombian Sex Island, & much more!
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Jeffrey is enthralled with Las Vegas, Taintsmasher stops by, Duji put Jeffrey in a bad mood, Jeffrey gives Snitzer's eulogy, Dieter and Snitzer ate weed edibles, Charlie's brother did donuts in his car to get his dog to puke up weed, Taintsmaher did so much acid he was dyslexic for three months, should Rover try weed, Rover gets kicked out of bar, Jeffrey shows Dieter how to wrok out, Dieter disrespects the Indian Reservation, Mormon caller offers Charlie a fat doobie, magical underwear explained, & much more!
Posted on: Friday, September 15, 2017 Filed under: Friday Leftovers
Does Jeffrey make out with his wife, Jeffrey is so excited for Vegas, the new boss stops by, Jeffrey made his daughter pay for her own dinner, redneck flamethrower, mayor drinking a beer on lawnmower, hillbillies vs bikers, pervert gets his ass kicked, bear poops in front of kids, man jumps out of moving car, guy knocks out guy with cast on arm & much more!