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Rover says after giving it some serious thought, it's unlikely Jeffrey's book Blood in the Studio will get made into a motion picture anytime soon. But Anthony has a good idea to get around JLR's lack of acting skills.
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Jeffrey got the first royalty check for his debut novel Blood in the Studio. He discusses what he'll spend it on, but he may have some unanticipated legal costs!
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Page 32 in Blood in the Studio happens to contain a particularly graphic passage. But some are wondering if it has a secret transsexual reference.
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Amy Poehler, Rush Limbaugh, Geore R. R. Martin, John Grisham...anything stick out like a sore thumb on this Amazon list of best-sellers?


Also, be sure to spread the word and push Blood in the Studio up the charts! Can Jeffrey get to #1?

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Speech Zapper is an app that makes it almost impossible to speak. Jeffrey reads the first page of Blood in the Studio while being Speech-Zapped.
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Trying to strike while the iron is hot after the success of JLR's debut novel, Rover thinks merchandising based on Blood in the Studio could be why not a videogame?
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Andrew Cuomo is the governor of New York. He was paid a $700,000 advance to write a book. But Jeffrey outsold the governor's first-week book just 24 hours!
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Jeffrey's debut novel will be released soon. But was he impressed when he first saw the cover art for the book?